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Alarm Voice Alarm Voice

Alarm Voice

Price: JPY1,000
Item #: cover-korone-06

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・Wake you up Gently
・Wake you up Wildly
・Go to bed again

※This is a download item. Please download to the successful transaction receipt page or Order history page by click the file name after payment.(Can be downloaded three times by once transaction)
※It is not recommended that fill in the QQ mail address during user registration and shopping.
※It is prohibited to make this VOICE file available for download through the network etc without permission of the right holder.
※When using ALIPAY / wechatpay, please change the currency to JPY.(At the top right of the website)

Idol Supporter
Post date:
25/08/2020 Tuesday

Cute Alarm

You get a zipped folder with three wav. files titled, gently, hard, and sleep_again. The gentle wakeup is 20 seconds long, the harsh wakeup is 4 seconds long, and the go back to sleep is 22 seconds long. I highly doubt the effectiveness of the gentle wakeup alarm because Korone's voice is so soft and soothing. Imo, Korone's gentle wakeup would not even stir me in my sleep. However, the loud and harsh wakeup alarm might become annoying over time as it loops on repeat, being only four seconds long

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Post date:
5/04/2020 Sunday



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