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[Including Speicial vocies]Serena’s vocie FULL SET [Including Speicial vocies]Serena’s vocie FULL SET

[Including Speicial vocies]Serena’s vocie FULL SET

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Item #: serena-s01

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This set contains all Masters favorite voice.

The first release
Please beside Serena at any time.
The Special vocie has been included in the set.

・[Request voice]Live together! ? Alarm Set(5 voices)
・[Request voice]The contents are secret♡Set(3 voices)
・[Request voice]Lolina is agitating…?Set(3 voices)
・[Request voice]The Set for the master who works hard(5 voices)
・[Request voice]Confession of love from Serena ...?(1 voice)
・[Request voice]Serena's Abuse Set(3 voices)
・[Request voice]Non Non(1 voice)
・Special vocie(1 voice)

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※It is not recommended that fill in the QQ mail address during user registration and shopping.
※It is prohibited to make this VOICE file available for download through the network etc without permission of the right holder.
※When using ALIPAY / wechatpay, please change the currency to JPY.(At the top right of the website)

Hsu Jonathan
Post date:
27/04/2020 Monday



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