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Kiryu Coco Kiryu Coco Birthday 2021
SUU SUU goods
Hanasaki Miyabi Hanasaki Miyabi 2nd Anniversary
Shishiro Botan Shishiro Botan 800,000 Subscribers Commemorative
Tsunomaki Watame Tsunomaki Watame Birthday 2021
Astel Leda Astel Leda Birthday 2021
Aki Rosenthal "Aki Rosenthal Third Anniversary" Commemorative goods complete pack JPY6,000
Shirakami Fubuki Shirakami Fubuki Third Anniversary
Natsuiro Matsuri Natsuiro Matsuri Third Anniversary
Himemori Luna "Himemori Luna New Costume 2021" Commemorative goods & voice complete pack JPY10,000
Yukihana Lamy Yukihana Lamy “Yuki-Yo-Zuki.” collaboration goods complete pack JPY5,000
Roboco-san Roboco-san Birthday 2021
Uruha Rushia "Uruha Rushia Commemoration of a million subscribers" Body pillow cover(Art by やすゆき-sensei) JPY10,000
from 1st hololive 1st Generation 3rd Anniversary LIVE “from 1st” official goods
Ninomae Ina'nis Ninomae Ina'nis Birthday 2021
HOLOSTARS HOLOSTARS New Year costume goods
HOLOSTARS Holostars character motif socks
HOLOSTARS HOLOSTARS Summer costume acrylic stands
Hanazono Serena Body pillow case of "Hanazono Serena" JPY12,000
Hanazono Serena [Comiket97]Hanazono Serena will give you an injection~Acrylic keychain JPY1,500
Hanazono Serena [Comiket97]Hanazono Serena Acrylic stand JPY1,500
Yozora Mel Yozora Mel Third anniversary Goods complete pack JPY12,000
Minato Aqua Minato Aqua Aqua Color Super Miracle☆Dream♪Memorial NEKO BIG Stuffed Animal JPY7,000
Bouquet hololive IDOL PROJECT “Bouquet” official goods
Kishido Temma Kishido Temma Birthday 2021
Momosuzu Nene Momosuzu Nene 3D commemorative goods
Rikka Rikka Birthday 2021
Hoshimachi Suisei Hoshimachi Suisei Birthday & Third anniversary
Inugami Korone Inugami Korone Second anniversary
Mori Calliope Mori Calliope Birthday 2021
Kiryu Coco "Kiryu Coco 1 million Registrants Commemoration"Kiryu Kai Multi-smartphone case JPY4,000
Aki Rosenthal Aki Rosenthal Birthday 2021
Yozora Mel "Yozora Mel 400,000 registrants commemoration" Tote bag & Sticker set JPY5,000
Tsunomaki Watame Tsunomaki Watame 800,000 subscribers commemorative cushion(Art by 篠月しのぶ-sensei) JPY4,000
hololive English hololive English -Myth- Half-year Anniversary
Anya Melfissa Anya Melfissa Birthday 2021
Anya Melfissa Ulang Tahun Anya Melfissa 2021
Amane Kanata Amane Kanata 3D Live commemorative goods
Sakura Miko Sakura Miko Birthday 2021
Hanasaki Miyabi Hanasaki Miyabi Birthday 2021
Yukoku Roberu Yukoku Roberu Commemoration of the 3D release
Kageyama Shien Kageyama Shien Birthday 2021
Nekomata Okayu Nekomata Okayu Birthday 2021
Oozora Subaru One-on-one talk event
Yuzuki Choco "Yuzuki Choco Birthday 2021" Breast mouse pad drawn by 桝石きのと-sensei JPY5,000
Moona Hoshinova Moona Hoshinova Birthday 2021
Moona Hoshinova Ulang Tahun Moona Hoshinova 2021
Bloom, Bloom, hololive IDOL PROJECT 1st Live official goods
Omaru Polka Omaru Polka Birthday 2021
Yukihana Lamy Yukihana Lamy 3D release commemorative goods
Shishiro Botan Shishiro Botan 3D release commemorative goods
Aragami Oga "Aragami Oga Birthday 2021" Acrylic panel(Art by 吠L-sensei) JPY3,000
Usada Pekora "Usada Pekora Birthday 2021" Commemorative goods complete pack JPY15,000
Omaru Polka Omaru Polka 3D release commemorative goods
Watson Amelia Amelia Watson Birthday 2021
Amane Kanata Amane Kanata's 1st Anniversary Celebration Voice
Tsunomaki Watame "Tsunomaki Watame's First Anniversary Celebration goods"Goods complete pack JPY12,000
Kiryu Coco Kiryu Coco's First Anniversary Celebration goods
hololive English origins T-shirt
Sakura Miko Sakura Miko × ALcot short novel game「Sakura-iro Dreamer」
Natsuiro Matsuri Natsuiro Matsuri commemorative goods for twitter 500,000 followers
Nakiri Ayame Nakiri Ayame Birthday anniversary 2020
Beyond the Stage hololive 2nd fes. Beyond the stage official goods
Ookami Mio Ookami Mio 2nd Anniversary
Aki Rosenthal Aki Rosenthal Spare Key Bag Charm JPY4,000
Minato Aqua Minato Aqua Birthday anniversary 2020
Hololive 5th gen Hoodie
Usada Pekora Usada Pekora "100 years plum wine" collaboration goods JPY5,000
Yukihana Lamy "Yukihana Lamy Birthday Voice 2020" Body pillow cover drawn by HAONI-sensei JPY10,000

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