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robocosan Free Sample Voice JPY0
robocosan Licking ear in morning ASMR JPY5,000
robocosan The material for Voiceroid① JPY2,000
robocosan The material for Voiceroid② JPY2,000
robocosan PC System Sound Robocosan ver. JPY2,000
robocosan Robocosan from various view JPY2,000
robocosan confessions in dialect JPY2,000
robocosan short calling JPY500
robocosan onomatopoeia JPY1,000
robocosan strange voices of Robocosan JPY500
robocosan abuse ASMR JPY3,000
robocosan licking candy at summer festival ASMR JPY5,000
Natsuiro Matsuri Free Sample Voice JPY0
Natsuiro Matsuri At-home Date JPY1,000
Natsuiro Matsuri Diet JPY500
Natsuiro Matsuri Confession1 JPY1,000
Natsuiro Matsuri Confession2 JPY1,000
Natsuiro Matsuri Heartbreak JPY1,000
Natsuiro Matsuri Good Morning Prank JPY500
Natsuiro Matsuri Telephone JPY500
Natsuiro Matsuri Voice For Those Who Cannot sleep JPY1,000
Natsuiro Matsuri Visit the Sick JPY1,000
Natsuiro Matsuri Studying JPY1,000
Natsuiro Matsuri Sister JPY500
Natsuiro Matsuri The Town Musicians of Bremen(READING) JPY2,500
Natsuiro Matsuri Natsuiro Matsuri Sneezes 12Times JPY500
Minato Aqua VOICE for celebration to achieve the registration of 100,000 fans JPY500
Minato Aqua PC system sound set JPY2,000
Minato Aqua Alarm voice set JPY1,000
Minato Aqua Minato Aqua Quotation VOICE series JPY1,000
Minato Aqua Minato Aqua Quotation VOICE series Helium gas ver. JPY1,000
Minato Aqua Voice to become fine JPY1,000
Minato Aqua Combat maid VOICE series JPY1,000
Minato Aqua Situation voice JPY1,000
Minato Aqua Entertainer Aqua unreleased works JPY1,000
Minato Aqua Durable VOICE for advanced users JPY1,000
Minato Aqua If Minato Aqua is OO VOICE series JPY2,000
Minato Aqua Master and maid VOICE series JPY2,000
Minato Aqua Please do not listen JPY500

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