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About member registration

Is there any benefit of registering as a member?
Yes, there is. The member registrationbrings the following benefits.
- Your shipping address is saved, so you can reorder easily from the second purchase.
- Since you can register multiple shipping addresses, you can easily ship items to your friends and family.
- Because you can save favorite items, you can purchase them later.
- You can write reviews about your requests.
The membership registration has been completed, but I cannot sign in.
ID or password may be different. Please check again whether you have entered the correct ID or password.
- I forgot my ID
-> It is your email address at the time of member registration.
If you don't know the email address, please contact us from the "inquiry form (text link:".
- I forgot my password
-> Please follow these steps.
1) Click on "Account" from the menu button in the top left corner and go to the sign in page.
2) Click "Forgot Your Password?" above the [SIGN IN] button.
3) Input your valid email address after a password change screen is displayed. An email will be sent to your inbox with a password.
Can I delete my account?
Yes, you can.
My account page is displayed, after clicking on "Account" in the top corner of the website.
Please click on "Unsubscribe". Please enter the password and click on the [SUBMIT] button.
Can I purchase items without registration?
Only after registering as a member can you purchase goods on this site.

About ordering

Are there an expiration date for my shopping cart?
Members' shopping cart remember what you have added unlimitedly. If the item is out of stock, the item from your shopping cart may be deleted. We appreciate your understanding.
I am anxious about whether my order has been completed. Can I check my order status?
You receive an "order confirmation email" after completing your order.
If you don't receive the confirmation email, please check the configuration for domains / your spam folder.
Members can see the contents of your order from "Order history".
* It may take time to send email.
* If you've registered a wrong address, we cannot resend.
Can I change the item after ordering?
Cancellation may not be accepted under any conditions once your order is placed. Please make sure you order the correct item and quantity.

About payment

What kind of payment methods do you have?
Payment method will be credit card.
Do you accept only Japanese yen?
You can select from nine currencies: Japanese yen, US dollar, euro, Australian dollar, Pound sterling, New Taiwan dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Russian rouble, Singapore dollar.

About shipping

Can I specify a delivery date / time?
If items are shipped outside Japan, you can't specify your desired delivery date / time.
We appreciate your understanding.
Can you ship to an address different from the registered address?
After you click on [CHECK OUT], you can select a shipping address.
If you click on "Register a new address" , you can register a new shipping address.
How do I check the shipment information?
You can see the progress of your package. Click on "My Account" in the top corner of the website > Sign in > Recent Orders. We have already shipped items if the shipment information is "shipped". Please check the order number on your order confirmation email.
The item has not been arrived yet.
You can check the progress of your package from the "order number" on your "order confirmation email".

About canceling or returning orders

Can I cancel my order?
Cancellation may not be accepted under any conditions once your order is placed. Please make sure you order the correct item and quantity.
Can I change my order?
The customer cannot exchange items at its convenience.
Can I return items?
The customer cannot return items at its convenience.
The item had been damaged when I unpacked. How do I exchange the item?
If the item was damaged at the time of receipt, please send us email with the picture to know the damaged parts and the receiving date and time.
We accept exchanging or returning within seven days of the arrival of the item.
Which account do you refund the cost?
Please contact your credit card company.

About inquiries

What the way of contact do you accept?
You can contact us by the inquiry form, email.
Please tell us the business hours of inquiries.
The business hours are 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM on weekdays in Japan time.
When will the reserved product be shipped?
It will be after February 2018. We will inform you by e-mail as soon as the shipping date is decided.