Bloom, hololive IDOL PROJECT 1st Live.

We plan to sell these live goods on the following schedule.
(1)January 5, 2021 20: 50-January 19, 2021 23:59(JST) - finished -
(2)February 10, 2021 00:00a.m.-February 28, 2021 23:59(JST)

* Additional notes on February 8, 2021:
Due to many requests and inquiries from everyone,we will re-order and sell the goods during period (2) .

Please use this page to purchase all of this live product sales. There are no product sales at the local venue.
Please read the details on the pages for precautions / payment methods when purchasing goods, and then consider purchasing.

[Precautions during the period(2) sales]

Unlike the period(1) , there are no pack sales of the products.
All products in this period (2) will be made to order, and production will start manufacturing after the sales period deadline.
Please allow 3 to 4 months for the item to arrive. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

When purchasing, please check the details of each product before purchasing.
In addition, the delivery date may change depending on the customer's receipt status.

You can get “Bloom, Voice Behind Live Production” by entering the SPECIAL CODE in the “SECRET” entry field at the bottom of below page.
●For overseas sales (via Geek Jack)
After purchasing on Geek Jack site, the SPECIAL CODE will be sent in a separate email from the payment completion email.
Please note that the voice content is in Japanese only.

The special sticker "Bloom, logo sticker" will not be included in the sale during the period (2).

[Precautions common to period (1) and (2)]

In some cases, goods, including price and design, may be changed or canceled without notice.
Please also note that non-defective products cannot be returned or exchanged.
For inquiries about defective products, please contact goods sites
from the inquiry page of each mail order page.

Product list

Bloom, 【Bloom,】 Complete Goods Pack with Mask & Case JPY9,800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Goods Pack JPY8,000
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Hololive Blade NEXT JPY4,000
Bloom, 【Bloom,】T-shirt JPY4,500
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Muffler towel JPY3,000
Bloom, 【Bloom,】 Rubber band JPY1,000
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Mask & mask case pack JPY1,800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Fower Charm Complete Pack JPY17,600
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Roboco-san JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Yozora Mel JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Aki Rosenthal JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Shirakami Fubuki JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Natsuiro Matsuri JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Minato Aqua JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Murasaki Shion JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Nakiri Ayame JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Yuzuki Choco JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Oozora Subaru JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Ookami Mio JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Sakura Miko JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Usada Pekora JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Uruha Rushia JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Shiranui Flare JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Shirogane Noel JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Houshou marine JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Amane Kanata JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Tokoyami Towa JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Yukihana Lamy JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Shishiro Botan JPY800
Bloom, 【Bloom,】Flower charm/Omaru Polka JPY800

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