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Robocosan Robocosan JPY
Robocosan Robocosan JPY
Robocosan Robocosan JPY
Robocosan Robocosan JPY
Robocosan Robocosan JPY
Roboco-san EXTRA:Birthday 2020/ Everyday life voice [Sleeveless girlfriend, type sound & lip sound ASMR] JPY4,000
Roboco-san EXTRA:Birthday 2020/ Everyday life voice [Did you fall asleep?I will sleep beside you. ASMR] JPY2,000
Roboco-san Roboco-san's Birthday Voice 2020 full set(without special gifts) JPY10,000
Roboco-san Birthday 2020/Situation voice[If you are thrown into the ruins …] JPY2,000
Roboco-san Birthday 2020/Situation voice [Roboco-san is jealous] JPY1,500
Roboco-san Birthday 2020/Situation voice [If Roboco-san go to kindergarten] JPY1,500
Roboco-san Birthday 2020/A Cappella[happy birthday chu you roboco song] JPY1,000
Roboco-san Birthday 2020/Alarm voice, Good night voice JPY1,000
Roboco-san Birthday 2020/ASMR[Spoiling ASMR] JPY2,500
Roboco-san Birthday 2020/ASMR[Hold your girlfriend tightly and sleep.ASMR] JPY2,000
Roboco-san One word series JPY1,500
Roboco-san Breathing ASMR JPY2,500
Roboco-san Drunk ear licking ASMR JPY4,000
Roboco-san Thank you for the second anniversary,Drunk Roboco-san JPY2,500
Roboco-san Lullaby JPY2,000
Roboco-san Licking ear in morning ASMR JPY5,000
Roboco-san The material for Voiceroid① JPY2,000
Roboco-san The material for Voiceroid② JPY2,000
Roboco-san PC System Sound Robocosan ver. JPY2,000
Roboco-san Robocosan from various view JPY2,000
Roboco-san confessions in dialect JPY2,000
Roboco-san short calling JPY500
Roboco-san onomatopoeia JPY1,000
Roboco-san strange voices of Robocosan JPY500
Roboco-san abuse ASMR JPY3,000
Roboco-san licking candy at summer festival ASMR JPY5,000

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